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Maître Will Be The TOP CHOICE For Anyone Building A Referral
Marketing Campaign in 2017… And Your Subscribers Will Get Lifetime Access

But before you get the details, you should know who we are.

Manuel Frigerio is the CEO & Founder of Maître. Jack of all trades. His job is to make sure the platform runs smoothly. Currently travelling the world as a digital nomad. He's an Entrepreneur, project manager & full-stack Ruby on Rails developer. He has 5+ years of experience in managing large projects, where he usually takes care of the entire development process.

Aravindh Sridhar has been the driving force behind many six figure launches. Generating over 6 Million Dollars in Sales In the Last 8 Years, he has a knack of creating high converting offers. His Last Launch - did well over $250K in Sales Within a Span of 6 days.

We’ve got a track record of delivering quality software a
weapons-grade sales funnel and MASSIVE EPCs

But don’t take my word for it…

I’ve worked with Aravindh for quiet some times now and he’s a committed business person. I’ve promoted his launches in past and they’ve always converted really well for me, with positive feedback about the products and support from my customers. He’s consistently promoted our products in past and has always done really well. If you get a chance to work with him, I would highly recommend.

Aravindh has been the driving force behind MANY launches, and the cool part is, everytime I've mailed, we've seen a good RoI. And his products are well supported too, so I can confidentally recommend anyone to promote when he launches something.

Working with Aravindh is and was an amazing experience. In 2 single promotions made over 5k and my EPC was EPIC. He always put on the market insane value and new technology that always change the game and the way of doing marketing in 2017 and beyond.

It's been always a pleasure promoting Aravind's products.. We have experienced very high EPC's and good conversion rates. The best part is the quality of products is always top notch with an unbeatable support. Cheers.

We’ve had the pleasure of promoting many of Aravindh launches and he continues to deliver! Great products, high converting funnels and great customer support after the sale makes a win-win situation for everyone. Happy to continue our support and wish Aravindh and his team much success!

His products are unique and his launches always converts well.

Working with Aravindh on 3 launches was a great experience. Not only did he help me launch 3 of my products, he played a major role in teaching me all the different aspects of launching products. He definitely knows what he is doing when it comes to achieving high conversions on all his launches. His track record speaks for itself. I'd definitely recommend supporting his launches."

Maître Is The Ultimate 30-Minute Referral Marketing Campaign Builder
Set Up Once And Run Hands-Free Forever…

Maître is a London based startup with a simple vision: enable companies of any size to generate viral growth easily and organically.

They launched in January 2016 and celebrated 1 million subscribers milestone after 5 months.

As of now over 12 Million Subscribers Have Been Captured using this software.

Why does Maître keep selling?

Because it’s simple to set up: even the most technophobic customer can set up a referral marketing campaign in minutes.

Because it does everything right out of the box: Users can create 3 Different Kinds of Powerful Referral Marketing Campaigns - Viral Waiting Lists, Viral Lead Magnets and Viral Sweepstakes when they purchase the Basic Offer. Customers get massive value they can’t resist.

Because Maître campaigns come with in-depth analytics and segmentation: Maître automatically tracks visits and conversions from each marketing channel (Facebook, Twitter, even custom channels) so you know where you should invest your marketing money.

It goes as far as tracking your subscribers device and country.

And That Means This App Will Practically Sell Itself

Then they’ll love how quickly and easily they can set up a referral marketing campaign, build a list of prospects to which they could sell their physical products to with discount codes/coupons and scarcity etc. to boost sales.

Then when they see how easy it is to build a list of prospects in practically ANY niche that they’d like and promote different offers to the list to generate sales, they won’t be able to buy fast enough.

Then they’ll jump at the chance to reduce their Lead acquisition costs by being able to build referral marketing campaigns which could potentially multiply the amount of visitors coming in from Facebook Ads by getting their paid traffic to do the work & refer other people to their landing pages.

And for 6 DAYS ONLY, Your Subscribers Can Get 50% Off On LIFETIME ACCESS

Maître will be soon shifting permanently to a subscription.

Users will need to pay as much as $499 to Access the Product.

But during this launch, your subscribers can get access for LIFE for a one-time payment. And we’re not just offering a massive discount – we’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure your conversions are through the roof:

  • Urgency: This is a lightning launch, with the discount available for 6 days only. That means the scarcity will be high and people will be buying like it’s Black Friday all over again
  • TONS of social proof: Because Maître is a PROVEN product, we’ve got tons of amazing social proof and real money-making sites to show off. Your subscribers will see so much proof they won’t be able to resist.

And It Doesn’t Stop There… Check Out The Funnel That’s Going
To Make You Up To $155.50 Per Customer


FE (Basic Version): A top seller from London, Maître has helped companies like Men’s Health,
Synec, Takeshido and E.Leclerc to build referral marketing campaigns and get an incredible boost to
their marketing. Of course, those guys have to pay a higher price for it... your subscribers can get
for a one-time discount.


4 Price Points - $37 (1 Campaign), $67 (3 Campaigns),
$97 (5 Campaigns)


Maître Smart Template Pack: This is your massive profit maximizer! The Maître agency model is perfectly positioned to sell for as much as $47, and we think this option will ensure you walk away from this launch cash rich and sitting pretty on some impressive Commissions.

Price - $47.


OTO 1 (PRO Version): We’ve moved the pro version into the OTO1 slot because we know this is a proven seller, and we expect this to add a nice guaranteed EPC Boost to your launch promotion.

Price - $247/Year or
$297 Lifetime.


Maître Training Webinars: 3 Paid Training Webinars For Customers To Get the Maximum Value out of using Maître.

Price - $47.


Downsell 1

PRO Version Minus Viral Sales Magnet Feature

Price - $147/Year or
$197 Lifetime.


Downsell 2

PRO Version Minus Viral Sales Magnet Feautre Minus 20 Campaigns

Price - $67/Year or
$97 Lifetime.

Here’s Why This Launch Is Going To Generate A TON Of
Commissions For You !

Instant 50% Commissions Through PayKickstart

Affiliate tracking and payment will be handled through PayKickstart, and you’ll get paid the instant you make a sale.

And high commissions means you can earn over $175 for EVERY customer.

Swipe emails ready to send

We’ve commissioned full blown email campaigns written specially for Traffic, Lead Generation and Facebook Lists – and there’ll be more coming as the launch develops.

So even if you don't have time to write an e-mail or you’re going to be surfing in Guam come Oct 13th, you can still profit BIG from this launch. Just copy, schedule, send and bank.

We look after your customers

Maître isn’t some fly-by-night application where the support desk isn’t even manned a month after launch. We’ve been going for 3 years, and when we say your customers have support for life, we mean it. Tickets are answered within 24 hours, guaranteed.

$3,500+ in Prize Money !

Plus Many More Surprise Contests!

To Qualify for the Prize Money - Commissions Earnt Must be 2x the Actual Prize Money.

If the prize money is $2,000, the commissions earnt must be at-least $4,000.

If Commissions < 2x the Prize Money, then 25% of the Commissions earned will be paid as Prize Money.

But of course, the real reason to promote isn’t just to win one of those prizes

It’s because you’ll be giving your subscribers a HUGE discount on a proven product. A product that’s going to massively upgrade how they generate traffic and leads from referral marketing campaigns. Maybe even change how they acquire new leads.

We’re the market leader for a reason. And now, all your subscribers will be able to join the party. Call your bank manager, he’s going to need to know what’s coming.

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Maître isn’t just going to make you a ton of cash… it’s going to be one of the easiest promotions you’ve ever done.

The Maître launch goes live on the 13th of October.

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